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Key people making a difference at uniMonk-

#. Om: OM is an entrepreneur & previously was joint-business head of sequoia funded shaadi.com . He joined shaadi.com in 2003 when it was an ecommerce startup in a non-technology era. He handled all the critical aspects, right from the business planning, operations, franchise strategy, retail design, brand & communication strategy, service model, systems & processes.

Previously, Om ran a center for NIIT (India’s largest IT education firm) in 1995 & handled the super franchise for Whizkids (IT education for kids).

#. Sumit: Sumit has worked in lead/ SBU Head roles over last 15 years with large NBFCs, PE funds, Indian conglomerates, Banks, family offices and media houses across India, UAE & UK. Sumit has been involved in setting up sizable financial services & retail business ventures from scratch in UK, GCC & Asia.

Sumit excels in entrepreneurial teams & is very bullish on daily life improvements created by new technologies. Sumit holds a Masters in Finance from London Business School.

#. Ayon: Ayon is an investment professional by career and an e-commerce evangelist by aspiration. He has worked with multiple large NBFCs, PE funds, global banks and start-ups like Talisma. 

Ayon has been involved in setting up ventures exceeding $100 Mn in investments and has delivered exceedingly good results over his career. Ayon is an IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Kanpur alumnus.