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uniMonk’s guiding philosophy:

UniMonk is a market place for students to join online live tuition at SHARED COST for all classes & subjects managed by independent tutors. All tuitions are held in group tutoring format where up to 10 students form a batch attend a course of up to 30 live online tuition classes. Fee per hourly class starts at Rs 20 for live interactive tuitions & helps save up to 95% of regular online tuition costs.


UniMonk’s vision is to make quality tuition affordable and accessible to all needy students. uniMonk sees access to tuition services as a primary need of all students and is committed to use technology to make interactive live tuition cheaper by up to 95% per student without hurting tutor’s earnings. UniMonk also enables students to learn in peer-groups from high-quality tutors located outside their cities and therefore unshackle their dependence on neighborhood tutors and offline videos.

Social impact assessment:

uniMonk constantly accesses the social impact created by its services based on below-mentioned parameters.

#. Affordability & Access: The low cost of tuition at uniMonk will translate into many more needy students availing tuition to support their education excellence. uniMonk is seeking to benefit at least 10,000 students per year either through 100% free tuition or low-cost shared tuitions.

#. Savings: uniMonk ensures that students save as much as possible on their tuition expenses so that they have more financial resources for other life activities.

#. Quality: uniMonk allows every tutor in the world to open its online academy and earn full price for his tuition services from student groups across the globe. This allows uniMonk to attract credible, established and verified tutors for all subjects, classes and experience levels.

#. Sharing economy & Technology: In a world where cab rides to vacation homes is moving towards sharing, uniMonk is enabling students to share a tuition in small groups and save upto 95% of its cost vis-à-vis 1-to-1 tuition. uniMonk encourages tutors to earn fees equivalent to regular 1-to-1 online tuition but doesn’t encourage tutors to charge a premium for teaching the same thing in same online class to a small group of students. uniMonk believes that such student groups add to the comfort, certainty and continuity of business for tutors, and shall be seen very favorably by tutors.

#. Inclusion: Very seldom does the BoP students get a chance to engage in learning with financially resourced students and benchmarking themselves against them. uniMonk services cuts across these barriers and bring students from  various background in same online classroom without any pretentions. uniMonk enables 100% same treatment and services to all students.

#. Cooperation: uniMonk will continue to partner with various philanthropic and education-services firms to inform more students about the low-cost tuition services at uniMonk.com. uniMonk also seeks to connect with organizations and colleges who can provide free access to laptops and high-speed internet to BoP students in its neighborhood for 1-2 hours per day for 1 to 6 months. In such cases, uniMonk will further subsidize the already low-cost tuition by up to another 50%.