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UniMonk actively checks the listing on its website for hygiene factor, fair pricing and professional conduct. Tutors and tuition listings targeting to skim students will be removed from the website.

#. Pricing: uniMonk’s objective is to allow good quality and independent tutor’s earn their full tuition through shared classes which benefits students like never before. uniMonk strongly advises tutors to compare their earning from uniMonk with what they will otherwise get from various tuition agencies. Tutors who appreciate the benefits of uniMonk are encouraged to list their ads on uniMonk. Our team closely monitors the price points offered by tutors and will remove ads where tuition prices/hr is higher than the average price/hr for same experience level on website.

For example: A tutor with 3 years of business experience lists a tuition on uniMonk for Rs 50/hr for 20 classes and offers 25 seats in the class. This will translate into tutor earning of Rs 50*25= Rs 1,250/hr. On analyzing the market, uniMonk team finds the ongoing rates for such tutors to be Rs 400/ hr which will mean that the tutor is misusing uniMonk platform to earn higher tuition rather than passing on the cost advantage to students. In such case, uniMonk will remove the tuition ad from its website and cancel all its bookings.


#. Time slots: Tutors shall keep track of the class slots available and there shall be not be a case of 2 tuitions being offered on same time slot on same date. I such cases, the whole course with a few of the overlapping dates will be cancelled.

#. Calm & dignified behavior: Tutors are required to maintain a behavior benchmark and not engage in war of words with any unsatisfied student seeking refund. Tutors with aggressive behavior are far more likely to receive negative rating by students and tutors with excess negative ratings will be removed from uniMonk website.

#. Tutors are advised not to indulge in abusive words, rude comments or unnecessary blocking of students during live classes. Tutors showing these traits are far more likely to receive negative rating by students and tutors with excess negative ratings will be removed from uniMonk website.

#. Adult tutors are advised not to ask minor students of personal details like contact details, address, real life behavior aspects, etc.



#. Internet connection: Tutors must have access to a stable, reliable and hi-speed internet connection. Also, the tutor will need a laptop and a regular quality ‘handsfree headphone with mic’. There shall not be background noise or distraction for tutors. Students will be listening to tutor so it’s extremely important for tutor to keep the audio quality very high. Also, all the live sessions will be video recorded and poor audio quality or interrupting internet connection might lead to poor quality recording video.


#. Catch-up classes: If the tutor is not able to complete the class because of any reason, he can offer teach the same content in next class and add new classes to his students after the end of the course at Rs 0/ hr to accommodate the extra class. Tutor must coordinate the class dates with students and shall keep the same time slot in such cases.