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UniMonk exists to solve students' tuition related problems

We believe that the current cost of offline & online tuition is unaffordable for a very large chunk of needy students. High quality tutors in turn charging high hourly rates traditionally teach large student batches to minimize their price per student.

At uniMonk, we are looking to replicate this online and persuade the tutors to pass on the group-classes benefits to students.

As a result, a tutor charging Rs 300 per hour from a batch of 10 students will translate into Rs 30/ hour for each of the 10 students in the batch. That’s the kind of saving uniMonk can bring to students. Tutors are not employed by UniMonk & any tutor can list himself on uniMonk. After being verified by uniMonk, he can start a multi-students online tuition batch with defined parameters.


Students can connect directly with tutors using uniMonk’s free-messaging system & also attend free sample class offered by many tutors. Currently, uniMonk allows courses with less than 45 classes and encourages tutors to offer longer-tenure courses in 2 or 3 smaller pieces. This persuades tutors to consistently perform at their best standard to attract the current students to his next course covering next chapters of his subject.


For attending a full course, student will need to make an advance payment for the full course. In most case this amount is less than Rs 20 per hourly class. UniMonk offers REFUND WARRANTY to all students. The students will be refunded all his remaining class of the course and the last class attended in case of under-performance by the tutor. No questions will be asked from the student and he will be refunded in the same account from where the payment was initially made.